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A Year in the Life of a Stranger







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When careful preparation meets fortuitous circumstance, an opportunity arises for Cameron Reith, a high school deputy, to take leave of his life under a pretence of amnesia and live as Raymond Foster, an itinerant writer. By living out his fantasies, he discovers that his true identity is the person he has always been. 



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It is quiet on the beach, save for the lisping of the waves as they roll in careless little forays against the sand and the piquant cry of several gulls, eyeing the glassy backwash from on the wing. This is not the beach of my childhood, nor the beach of my dreams. This is just any beach, somewhere. A place to connect with those other beaches, while remaining separate and unknown.

   The sand is warm around my bare feet. The soft, salt breeze is salty on my lips. The old romance of place is stirring, as it always does, where ocean meets sand and returns me to my first hope, my original nascency. To the things I have lost, or discarded, of which I am reminded by this beach that looks like an average of all beaches. This beach I chose from hundreds of beaches, after I drove thousands of miles and decided to drive no further.