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Séance is a play about a quest for truth by idealistic teenage boys who live in a

Church boarding school while the Swinging Sixties are evolving in the outside world.

The angst of youth collides with the restrictions of a religious institution that values

tradition over personal freedom.

The boys practice séances in their study, late at night seeking to communicate with

the spirits of the dead. They are also rehearsing their rock band for a chance to

play at the Cathedral.

A boy becomes deranged after drinking stolen whisky. He jumps from the roof and

dies. The boys suspect he committed suicide because he was abused. The Principal

refuses to be interrogated about his relationship with the boy but takes responsibility

for his death and resigns.

The play examines issues of life after death, spirituality versus religion, conscience

and personal responsibility.


A Matter of Freedom

Arthur an Australian business man is in India to secure a business deal. He is mentoring Simon an aspiring entrepreneur.

In a New Delhi bar he meets the late J Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher of whom he was once a devotee. They discuss the meaning of life and Arthur’s present state of mind.

Further discussions in the New Delhi Bar involve Simon the inept business negotiator and in flashback, Arthur’s ex-girlfriend Sylvia.

When the business deal fails, Arthur blames Simon but Simon salvages the deal before revealing he is going to marry Sylvia.

Krishnamurti and the Barman provide some philosophical insight into events and Arthur achieves a kind of reconciliation with Sylvia and Simon.


Broken Glass

A retired High School Principal is visited by an ex-student who confronts him about his relationship with her school friend. She finds revenge by exposing him to his wife and daughter.


Going Down

Half hour play: A middle aged male Accountant and an Emo girl are sharing a lift when it breaks down and the two are stuck until the following morning.

Their sometimes antipathetic conversation reveals the personal concerns of the two characters and the salient fact that the girl is intent on suicide.

By morning when the lift is repaired they have bonded in an unlikely friendship.



Paula Crisp, accompanied by her young daughter revisits her childhood in a small seaside town. Young Paula plays the part of her mother as the past is re-enacted by the ghosts of the town.

Laura Manson, a married woman, charges Elton Crisp, the town bank manager, with sexual assault. The conflicts, tensions and secrets of the townspeople are revealed as debts of various kinds, are called upon to compensate for personal weaknesses and transgressions.


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