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Eclectic readers


An Eclectic Reader is someone who reads in a variety of genres. Eclectic Readers are above average in intelligence and discernment.


Complete this survey to determine if you are an Eclectic Reader:


1. Do you like more than one genre of writing?


2. Do you like more than one genre of music?


3. Do you regard yourself as a free thinker?


4. Do you keep a journal?


5. Do you like to be alone?


6. Do you drink wine?


7. Do you like to visit art galleries?


8. Do you like coffee shops?


9. Do you like boutique breweries?


10. Do you like good restaurants?


11. Do you dislike like fast food?


12. Do you like walking?


13. Do you like moonlight?


14. Do you like old buildings?


15. Do you choose not to identify with groups/religions/political   



16. Do you like to travel to places you have never been before?


17. When you travel do you prefer to avoid tourist trails?


18. Do you collect stones, sea shells, feathers or driftwood?


19. Do you daydream?


20. Do you love the sound of the ocean?


If you answered Yes for 14 or above you are probably an eclectic reader.


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