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The Art of Separation


An Artist’s journey of self-discovery through successful art and failed relationships.

An Artist unlocks a Pandora’s Box of memories from his first love affair, painting a series about his lost love while his wife is away nursing her dying mother. 

He has an affair with a stripper who he uses as a model for the series and becomes involved in the violence of her personal life. 

When his wife leaves him for a female lover he seeks solace in casual affairs and painting. 

He finds what seems to be a perfect relationship with a beautiful woman but he leaves her to travel to Thailand for the tranquillity of a Buddhist meditation retreat. 

His idyllic sojourn there disintegrates when he becomes involved with the bar girls of Pattaya and ends up in a Thai prison. 

He finally seeks redemption in a resurrected relationship and a simple life in a small seaside town.

Sean Leonard is an Artist who explores memories and relationships through the metaphors in his paintings to the point where the distinction between life and metaphor is no longer clear.  

ISBN 9781005699215