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Literary Fiction



Five characters whose paths converge during the Pandemic.


A relationship of interdependency between two disparate characters


An Artist’s journey of self-discovery through successful art and failed relationships.


Gedhan Seenarain has lost his wife and daughter in a murder suicide. Through grief and denial, pleasure and pain he explores fleeting and sometimes dysfunctional relationships in an attempt to determine if his life is worth living.


An artist seeks redemption in the Australian outback and Nepal. 
Landscape is a novel of texture and colour from the arid north of Western Australia to the snow trails of the Himalayan Mountains. It is the story of a middle aged Australian art teacher on the Hero journey of an Artist in search of self realisation. When his wife ends their thirty year marriage, Mark Brooker sees his personal myths of love and happiness destroyed and replaced by the perils of relationships that are undefined. On a journey to salvage his life, he encounters the mystery of tribal art in the Australian desert and the archetypal dichotomy of Eastern spirituality and Western materialism in India and Nepal. Written with poetic prose and vivid imagery Landscape is a literary fiction tale of an unorthodox approach to the mid life crisis of an Australian baby boomer.


A spiritual seeker struggles with love and guilt in a disturbing split narrative tale about the human spirit versus the power of shame, despair and grief.


A Walter Mitty who lives his fantasies and makes them real.
A middle aged school administrator fakes amnesia and uses a lottery win to spend a year living incognito. In an attempting to make his dreams become real, he discovers reality has more substance than fantasy. Set in Australia, India and Nepal, a personal quest for pleasure becomes a spiritual odyssey with unexpected outcomes.


Short Stories of loss, revenge, success and failure in a variety of genres.