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A time travel sequel to Sinkronisity and Treuth exploring the interface between fiction, reality and time.






ISBN 9781370365432

A sequel to Sinkronisity and Treuth featuring a few of the earlier characters together with a different cross section of the time-warped universe. The theme of this story is the interface between fiction, reality and time. It is about writers and would be writers and the way in which reality is read as though it were a story. It explores the satirical potential of writers facing of rejection, publication and writer's block.



Something evil stirs. The kind of evil that nice people dread and the kind of stirring that happens when dark ideas are being thought.

  He remembers better times. More evil times. When he was more powerful. Because then, he didn’t have a conscience and he wasn’t in touch with his own feelings. That was the problem, being in touch with all these feelings. Love, guilt, tenderness, empathy. That last word reminded him of something else. A name. And a smiling face that sickened one with optimism and hope, the qualities that just weren’t necessary with evil. Real evil.

  It was time to be evil again. Being at peace with yourself and your fellow sentient beings was monotonous. Besides, he had been created as the embodiment of evil. That was his destiny. The being good thing had been a bad idea. There were good people out there who weren’t properly defined unless they had something evil threatening them.