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The Stone Frog

A story about a frog and a boy who loves swimming

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ISBN 9781458045522


Turoo, a boy who loves swimming, meets the stone frog that sits on the rockery beside his swimming pool. The stone frog is leading his fellow creatures in their defence against the snakes from nearby bushland who threaten to wipe them out. While his family wait for news of his father who is lost in the outback on a gem fossicking expedition. Turoo helps the frogs fight the snakes.


Turoo pulled his Dad’s diving mask down over his face and strapped the fin savers around his ankles.
Autumn had cooled the pool and though it was a warm day, the water had a chill that made Turoo puff his breath as he stepped off into his depth.
Turoo was allowed in the pool by himself. Even though he was only five, he could swim two hundred metres. He had learned to swim when he was a toddler at one of those places where they throw babies into the water with their clothes on.
There was nothing Turoo liked better than diving with his dad’s mask and fins. He liked to kick down to the bottom and then twist his body to look up at the bubbles crashing into the silver circles he had made on the surface. Then he would do a handstand and kick out to shake the water and the light into a molten mass and blow through it as he rose to the surface for more air. He would dive again and curve his body along the bottom of the pool to watch the silent blue prism of water, full of sunlight and soft rippling shadows.