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A sequel to Sinkronisity


A sequel to Sinkronisity featuring a few of the earlier characters together with a different cross section of the time warped universe. The theme of this story is the nature of truth, especially in relation to organised religion, in this case a religion that springs from the teachings of Jusus of Garicea who travels the land with twelve burly men annointing the faithful.

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Elward Prinknash was a member of the Dinosophical Society. Ever since he had left the Sinbutt Plentycostal Church, he had regarded himself as a Seeker. When his former Pastor asked him what he was seeking, he said he wouldn’t know that until he found it. He wasn’t trying to be clever, he just didn’t know.
     Elward worked as volunteer in the Dinosophical Society Library & Bookshop every Saturday morning. It was a good way to meet interesting people while continuing his search. He would often discover useful books he hadn’t noticed before. Unfortunately they usually came to his attention as a loan or a purchase. More than once he had told a prospective customer or borrower, that a particular book, which they had just placed on the counter, was, in fact already sold, or reserved. (‘I’m sorry but I’ll place a back order for you and let you know the minute it arrives.’) Which was how he met Mildred Perkwill. Mildred was a Seeker too and as far as she was concerned, possession was nine tenths of the search. She intended to buy the copy of  “Autobiography of an Old Fakir.” that was in her hot little hands. Nothing Elward said convinced her otherwise. And her grip was stronger than his grab.
     ‘I’ll take it unwarped,’ she said.
     ‘You mean unwrapped, don’t you?’
     ‘I said what I meant.’ She paid her money and walked out of his life. For a week.    
     When Elward ordered a copy of  “Autobiography of an Old Fakir” for himself he found it was out of print. That was when he first considered dating Mildred. The search for life’s meaning often leads seekers into unexpected experiences and relationships. Mildred was about to provide Elward with both.

ISBN 9781301209477