September 7, 2019 @ 2:28 AM


The Artist Vincent Van Gogh had a maxim: Not a day without a line. I believe this applies to anyone who aspires to be a writer. In the space of five years I went from having about a dozen unfinished novels to seven completed manuscripts. I did this by setting aside one hour every day, three hundred and sixty four days a year (I took a break on Christmas Day) when I knew I could write uninterrupted. The time for me was early morning. I set the alarm so I could get up at five, meditate, make a coffee and write for an hour before breakfast. When the brain becomes attuned to engaging in a particular way at a particular time, the result is continuity, the antidote to writer’s block. If you write at the same time each day you can pick up the thread of your narrative almost instantly. In a very short time you can develop the habit of writing effectively for every minute you are at your desk.