April 17, 2019 @ 8:40 AM

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Snatching fragments of poetry

from my unpoetic life.

Reading the story my soul is writing

and not understanding a word.


Caught between the book and the road,

between the art and the lie;

caught like a Monk returning from  

a night out on the town.


The freedom we all thought to lose,

is now a burden encumbered by choice

and the realisation that we are going

nowhere but here.       





I don’t believe in love or luck any more

than I believe in lightning.


I once thought it was impossible for

a person to be struck by a bolt of electricity from the sky.


Now I am convinced,

that despite the odds it does happen.


It is not a matter of belief, or faith.

It is a scientific fact.





                                                  A set of two stars

                                                  is a point of balance   


                                                 in a universe ungoverned

                                                 by logic.


                                                 Where infinity explodes

                                                 in my mind, a constellation


                                                 sits neatly

                                                 conceptually behaved


                                                 while I scare myself

                                                 with scientific understanding.




Far from being carefully designed and calibrated for humankind, the cosmos looks precisely the sort of place that one would expect had it emerged unplanned from the void.

                                                                            Damien Broderick


      the stars may have been an accident,

  scattered as they are on dark velvet


   but there is purpose in my knowing

how to read them, how to marvel


at the profundity of their existence

   and how we stand so still while the


the earth moves and love dies and

     hope springs and the thousand things


 that flesh is heir to, make us wonder

    why we are alive and with what reason





The cat's mouth bulges.


Something unidentifiable


sprouts like whiskers in front.


The dread of approaching,


thinking you know what it is,


watching her as she eyes an escape,


knowing it may be too late




A soft, deceptive call


and she hesitates.


You pounce, trying to be gentle,


thinking of next time.


Stroke her


and gently prise open her jaws.


A tiny green bird


flies like a dart


to the nearest tree.





    You are still


  there, mingled with the atoms


     of the warm grass,


      the fluting shrikes and


   shifting clouds.


   The  vapour of a fog


    settles on me like




    Even music arms me


    with its cadenced codes


        and significant nuances.



      Then there is rain


       on the mountains,


     children running


         and the intoxication of


        dying flowers.





            Half moon


            lying at the bottom of the pond.


            The other half, still


            in the pale sky.



                SMALL HUNTER


                Flying low




               by falcon




                or misfortune’s savage beak.



                Small hunter


                with timid wings


                flying beneath the radar


                   of disaster’s deadly eyes.


             Prey itself


              to larger predators


               seeking morsels


                  feeding on carcasses


                      no bigger than its own.