April 16, 2020 @ 6:57 AM

My Perspective ATM

Who is driving the world response to COVID19? Can they be trusted?

I don’t trust politicians. In my experience they are preoccupied with maintaining the votes that keep them in power and more concerned with the interests of society’s powerbrokers than with public welfare. (New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern seems to be an exception.) I don’t trust multinational companies, particularly pharmaceuticals. They are motivated by profit rather than an altruistic desire to heal humanity. I don’t trust the World Health Organisation, philanthropic billionaires, media magnates, the stock market, banks or other financial institutions, all of whom are pursuing their own agendas.

In the current world crisis, selectively used statistics obscuring comorbidity factors and normal seasonal flu-related death rates are being used to promote the agendas of a range of vested interests. Any or all of the above are deciding how the world’s citizens should respond to a virus that has infected less than 1% of the world’s population. World wide debilitating lockdowns and restrictions have been enacted yet of more than sixteen million deaths among the world’s 7.8 billion population this year COVID19 is not even in the top five causes except by comorbid association.

I am convinced there are reasons other than preventing the spread of the virus motivating those who are making these decisions that affect us all so profoundly.

  statistics references:  https://countrymeters.info/en/World


My experience of discussing the death certificates of my parents with doctors has shown me that stating cause of death is not an exact science and comorbidity is a contentious issue. A doctor often has to choose between existing medical conditions and opportunistic infections such as pneumonia. In the current climate of fear around Corona Virus there are a variety of reasons why it may be cited as a cause of death wherever it is present. There is a considerable distinction between a Corona-related death and a Corona-caused death. I don’t think we are seeing these distinctions made clear in the sensational reporting of infection rates.