October 26, 2021 @ 4:11 AM

Pandemic Position

There are two aspects to my pandemic position:

We live in a consumer society. What is happening is no different to what has happened for decades. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is fact. Our lives are directed by the wealthy and the powerful. They exert their influence through the media – previously mass media but now increasingly social media as well.  Through pandemic propaganda they have furthered two agendas. Billions of dollars have been made from selling masks and vaccines, which they have convinced the population are now necessary for a safe life. Cashless transactions have begun to dominate the domestic economy. They are reshaping society to facilitate their own agendas.

I practise a health regime that supports my immune system. I have never had a flu vaccination and I haven’t had the flu for thirty years despite working amongst regularly infected students and colleagues in schools all that time. Most people I know get vaccinated every year and most of them get the flu every year. I never try to avoid people with the flu and I resent the implication I am putting others at risk of C19 by refusing to vaccinate.

I travelled through India twice at the beginning on the pandemic, going via Bangkok four times. In airports and hotels most people were wearing masks. I was temperature checked at airports but I never wore a mask. I returned home safely. I believe I have a right to trust my own immune system.